Select the right type of auto insurance

The first question to ask yourself when trying to find car insurance online is if you need full coverage car insurance, or only liability insurance. Most often when cars are leased, or new cars and trucks that are financed, you will be required to carry a full coverage auto insurance policy. Full coverage auto insurance will include comprehensive and collision damages along with liability protection. Liability only protects the other driver when you are at fault.


Tips on how to find deals on Auto Insurance?

1) Compare car insurance by submitting at least 3 (or more) auto insurance online quotes through different providers
2) The cheapest insurance isn't always the best for you if it doesn't provide the proper coverage and protection.
3) Find out how long it takes the auto insurance company to pay claims. Some are paying out within 10 days.
4) Is the car insurance company a well know company with financial strength and trusted in the industry ratings?
5) Before making the final decision, call the help staff ask any final questions you may have

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Disclaimer: We are not an auto insurance company, content on this page is intended to help you find a good deal on car insurance.